Everything you need to know to lose your belly

There’s an area in our body where most of the fat accumulates when we gain a few extra pounds, and it’s much lighter than other areas, and that’s in the stomach, belly, belly, thrills, love, guns, swimming. .. You see, we give it a lot of names. Slimming the abdomen is not only aesthetic, because abdominal fat is harmful to health, and it is difficult to eliminate it.

Here I will explain what you need to know, and especially about how to get rid of belly fat or how to lose belly fat.


Depending on the person, age and gender, there are several types of belly. Belly fat accumulates more easily in both sexes, although in some women, fat usually accumulates in the thighs, legs, and buttocks.

Of the various types of belly, the most common are:

  • The tummy is called beer. It is characterized by a rounded, firm, voluminous abdomen, swollen from the top of the head to the pubic part of the pubis. This type of belly appears to support improper eating habits based on saturated fat, too many carbohydrates and sugars, excessive consumption, irregular work schedules, and alcohol and salt abuse. Beer belly is usually held by more men than women.
  • Jelly, a soft belly, or a loving hug around the waist. As a result of a diet based on fat, flour, sugar, sweets, alcohol, etc., two bulky parts are formed, one above the waist, and the other below. for a sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity and overweight, sometimes for those who suffer from increased levels of anxiety.
  • Tummy from stress or tension . This type of bloating in the upper part under the ribs is usually observed in thin people, mostly they lead a stressful lifestyle, sleep poorly, eat fast, unhealthily, without a schedule and unnecessary stressful drinks.
  • Bloating . It seems that the lower abdomen is usually low in fat and it swells due to hormonal changes, for example, when women are waiting for menstruation. People with inflammatory bowel disease may also have bloating.
  • Mom’s belly . It appears after childbirth, during pregnancy there are changes in the abdomen, muscle tone is lost, the recovery of the abdomen before pregnancy takes at least 6-8 weeks (waiting for the recommended time after childbirth). If you don’t act with exercise appropriate after giving birth, you can maintain this kind of belly for many years.


The belly appears due to the accumulation of fat at the level of the belly, due to the fact that you consume much more calories than we spend. This is accompanied by a lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, contributes to obesity and excess weight. Excess alcohol also contributes to an increase in abdominal fat due to the calories it contains. In men, they store more abdominal fat than women. They usually store fat in the thighs, buttocks, buttocks, legs (thighs).

People with biotype (body type) endomorph find it easier to accumulate fat than people with ectomorphic biotype, who are very thin or mesomorphic with a tendency to increase muscle mass.


It is not an easy task to get rid of belly or bags, it takes persistence, patience and willpower . People who exercise often do not always get a flat stomach, it also depends on the genetics of each person.

What I advise as a nutritionist and personal trainer to lose belly is basically to eat a healthy diet, avoid consuming extra calories on a daily basis, and basically practice continued exercise. Eliminate so-called “junk food”. Reduce your intake of fat, especially saturated or trans fat, not so much unsaturated fat. Reduce your carbohydrate intake, as they easily convert to fat. Cut back on ultra foods, and avoid sugary soft drinks and sweets.

According to the World Health Organization, overweight and obesity among adults and children are acquiring the so-called epidemic quotas all over the world.

Exercises I recommend to do to lose Tony

The most effective way to remove the belly is with this type of workout:

Strength training using your own body weight or strength or elastic bands.

Cardiovascular Training High intensity and medium intensity cardiovascular training, although it is adapted to the physical level of each person. With these types of workouts, we achieve an increase in calorie expenditure during workouts, but we also burn more calories after workouts. That is, after training, we continue to burn calories. And also with the formula combining strength training with high intensity cardio and short duration (HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Workout) (This is to increase heart rate ) and cardiovascular training at normal moderate intensity 60-70% of the heart rate. With this formula, we burn a lot of fat and also maximize calorie expenditure during and after workouts, maximizing the basal metabolism, which is the calorie consumption at rest for each person.

You must change your eating habits and physical behavior and not sit for so long, exercise continuously, walk for an hour at a fast pace, run, etc.

What is cardiovascular training?

This is also called cardio training. Its main benefit is health, as it strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves heart function and respiration as they make the major muscles move for a period of time during which they are performed. Plus, it promotes weight loss and fat burning while improving BMI and muscle tone. It is desirable to combine high intensity training with normal intensity.

There are several types of cardiovascular and intense training. Some of them are:

Running on a treadmill in the gym, outdoors, swimming, street or stationary biking, dancing, walking very fast, etc. Play football, basketball, etc. are also recommended.

What is strength training?

Strength training is based on a series of specific exercises and several repetitions to overcome or overcome resistance. For example, lifting other people’s weights, pushing, pulling or moving them, or lifting or supporting the body itself.

Strength training provides muscle contraction to increase muscle strength, muscle size and anaerobic resistance.

Strength training strengthens tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones, as well as promotes the development of the nervous system and stabilizes metabolism.

What kind of food should people who want to take away Michelin-starters take?

Increase your protein intake, such as white meat and fish, to keep you full, because protein helps burn fat. But the main thing they should do is maintain a healthy and varied diet.

Eat more fresh fruits (2-3 per day), vegetables and greens (2 times per day) to cover the CDR, which is the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals. Drink enough water, take in dietary fiber to promote intestinal transit AND, above all, reduce your food intake to burn more calories than you consume.

Minimize alcohol, eliminate tobacco, sleep well for 7-8 hours. In short, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because abdominal fat is not only aesthetic, it seriously affects health. You may have a large amount of subcutaneous fat in your abdomen (which is stored under the skin). Or there is visceral fat (the one that is deposited next to the organs). Visceral fat increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.


Regular physical activity, training, brisk walking one hour a day, running and revitalizing life. Because, after all, if you want to take your love pens away, you must be spending more calories than you are eating.

Exercise promotes wellness, improves mood and reduces stress.

A good way to successfully lose your belly is to contact a professional. Consult with a personal trainer who will tell you what exercises you can and can’t do. As well as individual and adequate workouts for each type of belly and a nutritionist who will develop an individual diet for you.

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