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How to increase muscle mass, strength or tone with exercise and electrostimulants

Today we’re going to talk about how to increase muscle mass, strength or tone. Also how to use the stimulator, with what intensity and appropriate time.

When we want to increase muscle mass, strength or tone, we must increase the intensity of the exercises, a maximum of 8 to 12 repetitions, in order to perform them safely and shorten the training time, from 3 to 6 sets per muscle group for 5-10 minutes .

By training with these links, we achieve changes in muscle structure. The same thing happens with the electrical stimulation program.


This method of training is called hypertrophy, while we achieve the maximum increase in muscle tone and increase in safe muscle volume, and it is also achieved much easier in men than in women

This must be accompanied by proper diet and adequate rest. Thus, increased strength is achieved without the risk of injury.

Electrostimulator and weight gain

Some electrostimulants include so-called hypertrophy in their programs, which is most effective for increasing muscle mass or tone. Force Resistance or Hypertone are programs that have previously helped progress.

To increase muscle volume, strength, or tone with an electrostimulator, it is important that you have enough energy. Because when we use it, the maximum intensity that a person can handle must be achieved. Therefore, it is convenient to know if we are keeping the intensity below the maximum intensity of the device.

By working at lower intensities, we will not achieve change, we must increase the intensity as much as we can handle. After a while we get used to this intensity, so you can gradually increase the intensity of the work and thus get the best results.

How long should the pacemaker program be used?

The recommended time for using pacemakers is very long, as another option for highly skilled people. The program includes from 2 to 5 minutes of warm-up, which can be abandoned if the person has made an effort equivalent to a warm-up shortly before. There is another 5-10 minutes of massage at the end of the program, which you can do without.

If we want to train muscle groups such as quadriceps, triceps or glutes, etc. for the purpose of increasing your tone, strength or muscle mass. The time can be from 3 to 10 minutes, regardless of the warm-up time.

It has been shown that using this time, you can already make a profit. It is not clear how electrostimulators continue to have excessively long run times in their programs.

It is better to do 3 minutes at maximum intensity than 30 minutes at lower intensity using a hypertrophy or resistance program if you want to increase strength, tone or muscle volume.


Finally, we advise you to contact a professional who can advise you on the right workouts to achieve the desired muscle mass, tone and strength, as well as to avoid injury and proper nutrition. and more convenient to achieve the goal.

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