Personal Trainer or Personal Trainer has recently become an important figure for athletes or people who need to get in shape, lose weight, be healthy, present themselves to physical oppositions who want to shape their body, or simply perceive sports as a way of life. You can hire a personal trainer for outdoor sports, at home or at the gym. This time we’ll talk about Sarria’s personal trainer.

What is a personal trainer?

In the field of sports and physical activity, a personal trainer is a professional one. Has a higher and secondary education or professional certification. Plus, you have to constantly recycle.

Personal Trainer Sarriá offers his client all his knowledge, technology and the time it takes to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time. He prescribes individual exercises according to the age, physical level and goals of each person, monitoring their correct implementation. It also motivates the client to achieve their goals.

Provides tips for using the equipment and equipment accessories that are most appropriate for each exercise, indicating posture and how to safely perform the exercise to avoid injury. It is important that a personal trainer has experience and good qualities.

Personal Trainer Methodology

Personal interview

A good personal trainer must listen to his client’s concerns and aspirations, aspirations. Review pathologies or medical history, injury history and measurements before setting up your exercise and diet plan.


Conduct a physical assessment. analyze the physical and emotional state of a person, taking into account age and gender. As well as Anthropometry and Bioimpedance to assess and develop the most effective curriculum and progressively achieve your goals.

After a month of training, measurement and control will be repeated to assess progress and, if necessary, to adjust the program.

Program design, communication and empathy

In addition to appropriate tests and evaluations, you can also develop a personalized diet and exercise regimen by combining different methods to achieve the most optimal result. His methodology also includes empathy for the person to convey confidence, motivation and communication so that your client understands that the diet, exercise, and training they prescribe will benefit them.

Also establish a link between the two that will ensure your client is safe, compassionate, and committed to following the exercise guidelines and diet. Thus, with this methodology, we can successfully achieve our goal along with the necessary participation and enthusiasm for exercise and diet.

What is bioimpedance?

Bioimpedance is a widely used method that analyzes the composition of a person’s body. This analysis consists of a low-intensity electrical current that travels through the body, allowing its resistance to be calculated. The data it provides is accurate and quantifies the number of different body components that add up to a person’s weight.

What is anthropometry?

This test is a science that studies the size and proportions of the human body, as they can change depending on age, gender, race and others. It was discovered in 1870 and is associated with anthropological research.

The Personal Trainer will periodically review both Anthropometry, Bioimpedance and Physical Condition Assessment to compare results and monitor client development. In the same way and in accordance with the achieved development, he will reconfigure the training program, again adapting it to himself.

How much does Sarriá’s personal trainer cost?

Cost may vary based on experience, knowledge and quality of personal trainer.

The price ranges from 30 to 70 euros per hour. This includes a personal interview, physical tests and measurements, and planning a training and diet program, all personalized with periodic monitoring.

There are training packages for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 days a week, where the price varies depending on the package

When is it right to use a personal trainer?

In some cases, it is correct to use a personal trainer. More and more people choose to take care of themselves and be healthy, so they visit a sports center for the first time for exercise, while others already go to the gym regularly. Here are some cases:

  • Optimize your time to reach your goals

In this case, it is very correct and effective to use a personal trainer. Today, there are people who value their time or have little free time and know that with the advice, training plan and diet that their personal trainer Sarria develops individually, they will achieve their goals in no time.

Therefore, the advice of a sports expert will save time while exercising effectively and safely to avoid injury. On the other hand, people who go to the gym and work out for free without a routine, adapt to their level and do exercises in general with inappropriate postures without making corrections.

He will also assign appropriate exercises according to the goals. For example: losing weight, increasing tone, increasing muscle, improving health, improving self-esteem, pathology, wellness, etc. Setting realistic goals in a progressive and achievable way.

  • In case of lack of willpower

There are people who want to go to the gym to get in shape, lose weight, etc. However, when they try, their willpower does not go away often, this usually happens to beginners. Especially if you don’t know which exercises work well and how to use accessories and equipment in the gym.

In this case, it is correct to use a personal trainer, because he will advise you on everything that you need, he will make an individual plan for you, you will instill the motivation of your client to be constant and enthusiastic so that they do not refuse, in addition to creating complicity between them.

At the same time you receive benefits for your fitness, you improve your health.

  • Because you want to improve your athletic performance

In cases of preparation for a competition or preparation for courses and marathons or other sporting events, or you just want to improve your results. The exceptional personal attention and support of a personal trainer has been shown to help you achieve your professional, athletic or personal goals more easily and efficiently.

This is also true for those people who regularly go to the gym and do not progress because they do not perform a proper routine for their needs. With an exclusive personal trainer, you will train the body parts that interest you the most, achieving your goal more easily and more successfully.

If you suffer from any pathology, if you want to improve your health, mobility, injuries, etc. Sarriá Personal Trainer will advise you on recommended exercises as well as a suitable diet for each case. Always with maximum efficiency and speed.

For people suffering from back pain, neck pain, lower back pain, arthritis, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, overweight, etc. There are specific exercises that are useful to improve these conditions .

In addition, exercising regularly also helps reduce stress and helps you feel better, improving your fitness as you regain vitality and energy.

What training can a personal trainer offer you?

He can offer you the right training to achieve results in less time with success.

Depending on the claims and typology of each client. You can prescribe strength training, strength and power, strength and endurance, high intensity, cardiovascular, HIIT, hypertrophy, speed, etc. Also a combination of some of them.

Identify and lose fat, increase volume, tone.

However, consider that it takes a reasonable amount of time to assess the visible changes in your body, which can range from two to three months.

Can a personal trainer follow a diet?

No, but he can advise you. In addition to a nutritional history, who, although not a dietitian, may work with a nutritionist to jointly develop the most effective diet according to the needs and typology of each.


The effectiveness of Sarriá personal trainer services to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time and with safety to avoid injury is clear and proven. That is why his figure is in high demand and therefore is the ideal option for consulting you in the gym, at home or on the street.

A personal trainer is happy to participate in the development and improvement of his clients and verifies the success in achieving goals achieved at his level of performance and physical condition.

You still don’t have Sarria’s personal trainer? What are you waiting for, don’t think about it.

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