Proteƭnas o aminoƔcidos

When it comes to protein or amino acids in the world of dietary supplements, there is a lot of doubt given the large number of products on the market.

Both have a similar goal, but the body reacts differently to each other.

Sports supplements are designed to help people who exercise achieve better results.

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How much protein do we need per day?

Without adding more protein, our body will build muscle. Our body uses amino acids very effectively to build muscle mass.

If you rely on the general recommendations of nutritionists, you can set a margin of 1.2 to 2.0 g per kilogram of fat-free body weight. It should be calculated in relation to the mass without fat. Restrictions refer to the period or phase that each person maintains by definition, maintenance, or muscle.

Protein supplements.

If your daily diet contains enough protein from natural sources, there is no point in taking supplements.

When added, protein powder will help meet each person’s individual daily needs by increasing nitrogen retention and muscle growth.

Protein supplements are the most popular products in sports nutrition, which are a tool for the athlete or athlete, as well as for everyone who is engaged in sports.

Protein supplements help build, repair, and maintain tissue.

Growth hormones

these are naturally occurring proteins that completely accumulate in the muscles and promote their growth. If you want your muscles to grow faster, your bones to heal more easily, and all the connective tissues to not hurt during training – you need growth hormone to order-you need to go to the playground.

Essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids are those that our body cannot synthesize, and therefore we must provide them externally, either through food in our diet, or through supplements, in the form of powdered protein.

Essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine, histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and tryptophan

Some nuances of proteins or amino acids.


Proteins absorbed by the body are digested and converted into amino acids, which are then used based on needs.

The amino acids that we receive in the body digest them and turn them into proteins, depending on the need.

It can be said that at first glance it seems that amino acids are more effective, but we must consider digestion, where everything happens.

How to consume protein or amino acids?

Amino acids are recommended to be consumed before going to bed or in the morning after waking up. This is because in this way we give the body time to properly assimilate them and thereby strengthen the muscle fibers for training.

On the contrary, protein is best taken after a workout. It is also good to combine both during muscle growth.

Our recommendation

We recommend that you consult with a nutritionist or personal trainer before deciding on these supplements, so that they can advise and guide you according to your goals and needs.

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