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Yoga, if you practice, it will help you feel better.

We have heard on many television programs that yoga cures certain diseases. There is nothing further from reality, yoga is not a medicine or a cure, no disease can cure you. Surely doing yoga will help you feel better.

CRAMER conducted a prestigious study that analyzed 366 studies. He concluded that the effectiveness of yoga against disease was very small or nonexistent.

Other studies like VERRASTRO AND B√úSSING have shown that yoga practice does not cure any disease.

Yoga, its origin and purpose

Originated in India, it is a traditional physical and mental discipline, a system of physical and spiritual practices of meditation. Yoga aims to unite body and mind in addition to relaxation. The word yoga is associated with meditation in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.

Yoga Techniques

There are nine types of yoga methods. Depending on the type of modality that you practice, you can strengthen some areas of the body or others, and gain more flexibility or muscle mass. You can also mix or work in different modalities you want.

Benefits of yoga, what can it bring you?

There is no doubt that the practice of yoga benefits our health, mainly through the ability to teach us to breathe. It also encourages us to improve our concentration and awareness of the present moment.

Some studies or studies have also found that it can help improve our cardiovascular health. Although there is no significant difference between those who practice yoga and those who do any other physical exercise.

As physical exercise for our body

In other words, yoga is beneficial as it is physical exercise as such. If yoga is our choice because we like it and it makes us feel comfortable, although our physical conditions make us unable to do other exercises with a lot of physical wear and tear, yoga can be of great help to us.

Helps you sleep better

As we said earlier, yoga helps us learn to control our breathing, so it helps us relax, which means we can sleep better.

Reduces shoulder and arm pain

People who suffer from pain in the shoulders and arms when doing yoga exercises and when doing stretching and relaxation exercises seem to reduce these pains. There are even women who suffer from breast cancer who have seen reduced pain in their shoulders and arms. Therefore, yoga practice can relieve this discomfort.


Yoga, like any other exercise, does not cure disease or replace any medical treatment. What is useful for those who do this, as for those involved in any other sport, helps to control blood pressure, relieve stress, reduce cardiovascular problems, teaches us to breathe and relax, and to improve physical pain, as we already have seen in the shoulders and arms.

Despite yoga, even if it seems like a simple and enjoyable sport, we must take into account that if we want to start this activity and suffer from any physical condition, we must consult our doctor.

And for the beginner, the uninitiated and aspiring to start doing yoga, we advise you to attend a class for a while, when a professional, personal trainer will teach you how to control postures so that you do not get injured, you We recommend that you visit our website. where you always have the best coaches.

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